Despotify-simple a cli client to spotify on Linux

So, since spotify finally came to Denmark, I was able to get a ‘Spotify Premium Account’. There’s different ways to use Spotify on a Linux machine. I’ve tried the windows client in wine, I’ve tried their un-supported Linux client and none of them was really smooth.
I decided to try out despotify (a third party open source software) and it’s actually really easy to install and get working. It takes a little time to adjust from a normal GUI client, but it’s really smooth.

link to despotify where manuals and tutorials are located:

This is how I got it to work in Debian 6 (squeeze)
Install subversion for downloading the source code, build-essential for compiling the code and the rest are dependencies to compile and run despotify

sudo aptitude install subversion build-essential libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libvorbis-dev libtool libncursesw5-dev libao-dev

make a dir for the source code and cd into it

mkdir tmp && cd tmp

Download the source from subversion

svn co despotify

cd into the build-folder of the source code

cd despotify/src

and now for the compiling part

make && sudo make install

When it’s done, you’re able to run the despotify client from anywhere in the terminal.
The way to use despotify needs a whole lot of explaining, and can be found at

But, to get you started

despotify-simple USERNAME PASSWORD

where USERNAME is your username, and PASSWORD is the password for your account.

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  • One note: Trying to build on Debian Squeeze, I ran into a problem with sndqueue.c throwing “mpg123.h: No such file or directory”. Turns out I didn’t have libmpg123-dev installed. Installing that via aptitude cleared up the problem.

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