Learn Linux! The sysadmins shortcut to Linux!

I’ve currently started a new project. It aims to learn people how to use Linux as an alternative to enterprise products. The course will be in 8 sessions. Topics such as ‘standard input, standard output, standard error’, ‘repository‘, ‘sed, awk, grep‘ etc. will be covered. The videos are available at  https://vimeo.com/m00kaw/videos

All the videos and the README are available at



Please e-mail me feedback at m00kaw@teh-geek.com or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/M00kaw

2 Responses to “Learn Linux! The sysadmins shortcut to Linux!”

  • Dear Cow
    When are you updating with more?

    We need moar!

    Love the work.
    I’m a sucker for Linux.

    • I’m plannin on re-doing them all.. But so far, I have session 4 more or less ready to go…
      I’ll have it uploadet asap! :>

      Feel free to email me feedback at m00kaw at gmail dot com

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